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Milkman Energy is a new collective switching company. We hold monthly auctions where energy companies bid for consumers’ business, giving consumers the lowest price possible.

We’re independent. While we’ve been set up by energy specialists, we are not affiliated to any one energy supplier.

We’re specialists. We don’t do anything but collective switching – we exist to save people money by allowing them to club together to buy gas and electricity…and nothing else.

Sign up for the next collective switch

To save on energy bills, all you need to do is fill out our two question form. You’ll then receive an email from us to confirm everything is in order.

The auction begins

At the end of the month, Milkman Energy will run an auction, allowing suppliers to compete for your business on price. This process normally takes around one working week, and you need to do nothing during this period.


Once the auction is over, you’ll receive an email with a link to a webpage containing details of the winning tariff. For most people, the webpage will also explain exactly how much you will save. Finally, it will guide you through the process of signing up to the new tariff – a process known as “onboarding”. Onboarding takes just a few minutes.

Cheaper energy

That’s it! Nothing more for you to do. You’ll begin saving money on your energy bills, and will have a direct relationship with your new supplier.

Our auctions are open to EVERY supplier in the market. Below is a sample...

Frequently Asked Questions

Milkman Energy will never ask you for money. There is no-up front or set-up cost from us, and your eventual energy tariff will be cheaper.
No. You can pull out at any time, with no financial penalty.
The amount can vary, some customers save over £500 but customers frequently save between £200 and £300 a year compared to standard variable tariffs.
No. Once your new energy deal is in place, the collective switching phase is over, and you deal directly with your supplier – in exactly the same way as any other energy contract.
It can cover whatever you need: just gas, just electricity, or dual fuel – whatever you prefer.
We keep your data to pass on to the energy supplier who wins the auction for your business. Your details will be passed on to them so they can contact you and begin the process of providing you with cheaper energy. We may occasionally contact you to notify you of new auctions. Don’t worry, we will never sell your data onto any third parties.
Yes - Milkman Energy will never charge you anything. We get paid a small amount by the suppliers, but nothing by customers (ie you).
Possibly. We would recommend you check with your supplier. However, if your main interest is in saving money, it may well be cheaper for you to see out your fixed term contract, and then join a Milkman Energy switch.
Yes. We charge all suppliers an equal flat fee, meaning we are impartial - we do not favour any one supplier or tariff. We charge the customer nothing.
Our aim is always to get an exclusive tariff, cheaper than you could get elsewhere on the market. However, if this does not prove possible for certain auctions, Milkman Energy would select an extremely competitive tariff and offer that to auction members. We will also provide links to other competitive tariffs as part of our “onboarding” process.

What makes up your electricity bills and gas bills?

  • First, you need the raw material. Electricity is generated by gas, coal, nuclear or renewable power stations. The gas we use in the UK, meanwhile, is extracted (in simpler terms: mined); often in the North Sea, sometimes in Norway or even further afield.
  • Once you have the raw material, you need to transport it, via power lines in electricity’s case, or pipelines in gas’ case. This is an expensive business, and an entire industry in itself. These aspects are referred to as “network costs”.
  • Finally, your supplier will deliver the energy to your home. Gas and Electricity supply is notoriously complicated business which occurs considerable cost in sales, operations, billing, trading and IT. Energy suppliers are nearly always for-profit commercial businesses and generally make between 5% and 10% profit depending on business strategy and market conditions.
  • The final aspect affecting the price of your bills is the government, which frequently introduces new schemes and regulations which have an effect on the price you pay. Many are social policy such as warm home discount (WHD) and others are environmental such as Feed-in tariff scheme (FIT).

Join the next collective switch in to save on gas and electricity bills.

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